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        1. Welcome to the official website of JIANGSU STORD WORKS LTD. !
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          Stordworks company offers Top After-sales Services

                Under the conditions of the market economy, the most intuitive manifestation of competitiveness is that an enterprise could more effectively provide products and services to customers, and can obtain the ability to meet its own development. For machinery companies, in addition to striving to get rid of homogeneity of products and continuously improving quality, the ability of after-sales service will also be highlighted as a core competitiveness of the company. The enterprise team must fully recognize the importance of after-sales service, seek and explore, improve and strengthen specific countermeasures for after-sales service, think about problems in improving service quality and level, and seek more humane, differentiated, and prominent brand characteristics ofafter-sales service standards.

                In order to better serve customers and highlight brand characteristics, Stord Works builds an integrated service team from product technical services, technical training to lifelong after-sales service.


          A. Product technical service

          1. Organize supply: After the contract and technical agreement are signed, our company will set up a special project management team to formulate design, review, production, inspection and time schedules, and coordinate the work of the production office and other departments to ensure the delivery period .

          2. Design contact: After the contract takes effect, we could provide users and other relevant departments with a full set of detailed technical information in time, actively cooperate and make preparations before construction. If special technical support is required, our company will send relevant technical person to the site to provide technology exchange. Determine and confirm the project plan in detail, discuss the specific implementation details of the project, and prepare for the start of the project.


          B. Technical training

          1. The company is responsible for providing equipment according to the contract and submitting corresponding documentations.

          2. After the equipment is installed and debugged, the basic operation, will arrange 2-5 days of training of maintenance and repair within 3 working days. (The training location is the equipment operation site)

          3. After training, user technicians can eliminate general faults. If users cannot eliminate faults, notify our company in time, and StordWorks will send technicians to solve as soon as possible.

          C. Lifetime after-sales service

          1. Strictly follow the service concept of "Customer-orientation and Exceeding Customer Satisfaction".

          2. Our company provides free warranty items during the quality guarantee period in accordance with the provisions of the supply contract, and promises to provide life-long after-sales service for StordWorks products.

          3. Online support services. User can directly contact our project team members or technicians by telephone, or call the official 24-hour phone number. StordWorks will solve the problems as quickly as possible.

          StordWorks always adheres to the principle of user first, all based on user requirements, project needs and ensuring the effective progress of the project, ensuring the quality of the project, and ensuring the safety and reliability of the project, implementing planned, step-by-step, and the most enthusiastic and high-quality technical service and equipment after-sales service and technical support. Perfect service is an important part of contract execution and will run through the contract process and ensure the smooth execution of contract projects.

          Jiangsu Stord Works Ltd. has built an integrated service team to win the trust of customers, improve customer service experience, and build core competitiveness through the "four heart" service of "caring, worry-free, comfortable and assured".

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