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          Stordworks successfully passed the joint inspection by AI group

                From April 21 to 22, ASME joint inspection group leader Shao Yong, Authorized Inspector Liao Yongxin, Authorized Inspector Li Ming were appointed by American Society of mechanical engineers to our company for a two-day joint inspection of ASME "U" stamp certificate.


                During the two-day checking, the members reviewed the establishment, revision and implementation of the quality assurance system of our company and the manufacturing of products, and inspected the documents of pressure vessel design, process design, material control and welding control specification. Inquired and communicated with relevant responsible personnel, and put forward professional and technical suggestions of ASME code. From 21 to 22, the inspectors inspected the welding demonstration, and inspected the material warehouse, welding material warehouse, measurement, physical and chemical and other important control points.

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                At the last meeting, the members of the joint inspection team fully affirmed and highly evaluated the ASME code products, quality control system and production and manufacturing capacity of our company. Shaoyong, the joint inspection team leader, announced at the meeting that Jiangsu Stord works Ltd. has the design and manufacturing capacity of ASME vessels, and meets the requirements of relevant ASME codes. They recommended to the U.S. headquarters to issue ASME Pressure Vessel certificate to us.

                ASME standard is to regulate the design, manufacture and inspection process of boiler and pressure vessel. In order to enter the international market, domestic pressure vessel manufacturers must obtain the market access permission of corresponding countries or regions. The ASME Boiler and pressure vessel code issued by the American Society of mechanical engineers, as an internationally recognized authoritative code, is widely recognized in the world, and is used as the standard for the design, manufacture, inspection and inspection of boilers and pressure vessels. ASME Boiler and pressure vessel code is applicable to the manufacturing and installation enterprises of boilers and pressure vessels in petroleum, chemical and electric power industries.Wechat Pictures_20210520172549.jpg

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