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        1. Welcome to the official website of JIANGSU STORD WORKS LTD. !
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          about us

          about us

            JIANGSU STORD WORKS LTD. (Enterprise code: 652849) is located in Fangqiao National Machinery Industrial Area, which is at Yixing City, Jiangsu province, China. We have about 180 employees and covers an area of 25000m2, more than 70 sets of advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, with the crane lifting capacity of 100T and plate rolling thickness of 120mm. Stordworks is committed to the production of Evaporation and concentration equipment; Drying equipment; Pressing equipment; Crushing equipment, Conveying and mixing equipment; Heat exchange and various pressure vessels; And the process of fish meal and fish oil production line, meat and bone meal production line, feather meal production line, Municipal and industrial Sludge treatment line. The main products are as follows:

          1.  Disc dryer, paddle dryer, tube bundle dryer, tube coil dryer:  the drying area can reach 1500m2/set.
          2.  Single / Multi effect falling film evaporator, MVR evaporator, forced circulation evaporator:  the evaporation capacity can reach 80t/h.
          3.  Double screw press, single screw press:  the screw press can reach a production capacity of 2500t/d.
          4. Single shaft crusher, double shaft and four shaft crushers:  the crushing capacity can reach 100m3/h.
          5. Lamella pump, screw conveyor, screw cooling conveyor, mesh belt conveyor.
          6. Non-standard vessels/pressure vessels and heat exchangers.

            Our company have various international pressure vessel certification and abundant experiences in machinery manufacturing. The certification we had are ASME U certification, Norske Veritas DNV certification, CE PED certification, AS 1210, TR 620, and etc.

            Jiangsu Stord Works Ltd. is obedient to the business philosophy of "Focusing on Professionalism & Quality First", and the service concept of "Customer-orientation and Exceeding customer Satisfaction". By means of our excellent quality and perfect service, Jiangsu Stordworks Ltd. sincerely looks forward to cooperating with you!

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